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my mom made me a margarita...

my mom took me shopping today, we were in shirts and things and I took a pair of pink plaid pants off the rack and she went ape on me and she was like "I'm sick and fucking tired of you and your stupid plaid shit with shit hanging off of them and your black shirts with holes in them and fishnet shit and old school shoes I wanted to have a girl Sarah, me and your dad BOTH wanted to have a girl...not a girl who dresses like a freakish boy!"... I looked at her and yelled "you always fucking tell me to be myself and not to let anyone change the way I am or I want to be and now just cuz dad doesn't want me wearing anything but pink froo froo shit you take his side and you want me to fucking change the way I am, fuck you stupid ass cum bubble" heh, I don't think ill be getting my license back anytime soon!...ugh I fucking hate her right now!...god! fucking whore! but she got my my army boots so shes cool...and she bought me a really cool belt with stars on it and shit...fuck man! so I think that that was her way of saying sorry or something, and she bought me the pants heh...I'm never going shopping in a store with her ever again!...grrr

ugh I'm such a turd farmer..

I talked to Scott on the phone last night for like 4 hours I think, somewhere around there. we hardly talk anymore, it really sucks

gale is playing on the 18th...really cool, and he might be playing at my house on Halloween, it'll be awesome...I could like, charge people to come and make money, and not tell my mom about it..wooo!!!

well yeah, Scott is off playing a gig that he doesn't wanna play, he always complains about not wanting to play, but I think he'd regret it if he quits, and then today he said "ill do it for mike and James".....odd little goober...=P
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