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I'm kind of sick of all these girls telling Scott they love him and calling him babe or baby, I don't care that he has friends that are girls but it kinda pisses me off =/

my mom has really been being a bitch lately, I cant stand her any more, she thinks that just cuz she is such a perfect person I should be perfect too, it doesn't work that way =(

I went to a concert last night, it was so awesome, noggin toboggan is one of my new favorite bands =) Jeff, the lead singer is really awesome, he gave me a CD and they all signed it and he gave me a shirt, and then he pretended that it was my birthday so he pull me up on stage and they sang to me, and then he pushed me and I fell in front of everyone but that's ok, it was worth it, I got a black eye from the pit, =/ this one chick elbowed me in the eye so I turned around and knocked her out, I was really pissed off at her cuz she kept jumping on me and she was a fucking preppy little whore who had on a fucking blink 182 shirt and she was the kind of girl who got out of the pit to look in the mirror to make sure there wasn't a fucking hair out of place or her fucking make up was still there and all of it didn't fucking melt off, god I fucking hate people like her! but its ok, one of the bands kept stopping, (SLTL) and they kinda sucked, but its ok, I got a CD by them, cuz they had a few good songs, and then Sick of Change came on and they had this cool light show, it was awesome. I couldn't really see out of my right eye cuz it was elbowed, it wasn't pretty. and I fell in the pit and like 6 huge guys picked me up and I felt like I was flying, it was so rad!

Jacque and me haven't been doing a lot together lately, her boyfriend thinks that she should dedicate her life to him =/

Cassandra wants me to go to the zoo with her and her boyfriend, I don't fucking want to feel like the fucking 3rd wheel, it seems like she likes to make me feel unimportant so she feels good =(

any ways ill post more later or something...
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