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I haven't posted ion a while, so this might be a lot....

wtf is happening man, people are killing other people just because of their race and religion, whatever happened to freedom or religion and speech and all that shit, why do so many people care so much about what other people are doing, they forget what they are all about in the first place, they too wrapped up in how they can hurt so many people cuz they are different, they are forgetting what is said in there religion about non violence and shit, its so fucking retarded, I wish that they would open their fucking eyes and realize they are killing their own people just so they can make the U.S. look vulnerable, do you know how psychotic that is? it only makes them looks jealous and stupid!
I'm kind of worried about all my friends on the upper east coast, its really scary knowing they are so close =/
I'm sick of all the shit on the news, nothing is on regularly, all I can say is there better be fucking Andy dick tonight or I'm gonna be pissed!!! specially cuz me and Scott watch it together on the phone lol =)
I miss Scott, I love him so much, I cant wait to see him, I've been thinking a lot about him, he's so perfect =)
I got an awesome new distillers shirt, its rad!
em, this is gonna be kind of sad....Scott Anderson mom called me yesterday with some awful news, he isn't doing very well and they say that his leg isn't getting enough oxygen somehow and they are going to have to amputate it, she asked me to tell him, I don't understand why she cant do some of these things herself, so what, he listens to me but I think he should hear it from his own family or doctor, not someone who is just a friend, it kind of upsets me, but I did it, and he said "I would loose my leg a thousand times if I could see you smile one last time" that made me cry, it's really sad, I don't think he has much longer, but for now, I'm gonna do all I can to make him comfortable...
we had my moms co workers over last night for dinner, there is an awesome chick!(nicki) she showed me pictures of when she was younger, she had a huge mohawk! and normally they look really gross on chicks but she looked sooo rad,a nd she showed me pictures of her and Glenn Danzig and her and Joey Ramone, omg shes my idol, she is so friggen awesome, it was kind of funny actually...
my mom is really proud of our house or something so she gives everyone a tour, and when she got to my room nicki saw all of my posters and all of my cds and she about had an orgasm, she likes subhumans and descendents and shit, omg, shes sooo rad!shes going to shows with me!!!! whoop!
well Scott's leaving things in his journal about some girl, but he isn't saying who it is, it kinda makes me think its not about me and he wants me to think it is and he is talking about some other girl lol, but I don't care, I hope there about me cuz its really sweet what hes saying,

ok I think I'm done blabbing now, ill post later or some shit...love ya!!!
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