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awww, I feel loved =)

This Shout Out goes to one SARAH PRATHER. She asked a long time ago, and we never got to putting her up here. I guess it was because her great beauty and wonderful abs displaced any other thoughts in our minds. Sarah, you rule!


aww looky the guys put me on shout outs!! I feel special lol

ok hmm I had a marching show last night, we kicked ass it was really awesome watching us make hearts, ok when I got home I tried to call Scott but no one answered, I miss him and then I went over to Sonya's house to say bye to sally cuz she left this morning at 6:00 so a lot of us stayed the night at Sonya's and it was really weird
I saw gale cry, the only other time I asaw him cry was when David died, so me and gale went for a walk and we talked about some stuff and we went to he park and sat on the swings and talked and he started to cry really hard, I felt helpless, all I could do was give him a hug, I didn't know what to do, so that made me cry, so we just cried and cried and then when we got back sally was watching grease so me and gale went over and sat by sally and she did the little grease lightening dance and then we fell asleep it was really weird, I woke up with my head on gale and sally's legs were on my and her head was burried between my boobs and gales crotch lol it was kind of awkward, but I bet gale enjoyed it lol hmm so then sally left at 6:30 and we all cried again and we watched her car pull out of Sonya's' drive way and then I lost it and I started crying so hard and I walked around her neighborhood, and gale ran after me but I pushed him away, I wanted to be left alone, even though the fucker didn't leave me alone cuz he didn't "trust me"...ugh, I pushed him down and made him bleed....I'm sorry gale!..heh anyways I walked back to Sonya's house and I didn't want to talk to anyone so I grabbed my shit and I gave gale a ride home and then I went home and layed down and fell asleep and woke up at 3:00 I miss her already =( through everything, she was always there, everytime I get too close to someone, they always leave or turn on me, I guess this is another lesson for me to figure out...

I miss sally =*(
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