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hmm...well today my mom had a baby shower for her co-worker, ugh, too many babies..I'm thinking twice about having kids, I mean, I don't wanna fucking carry around something for 9 months that's gonna turn out like me, that's horrific!

hmm, I miss Scott a lot, I haven't talked to him in a while...=(

I had a marching show last night and it totally kicked ass! we played the HIghland High foot ball team and they are like # one in the state and we beat them 23 to zero and we played better than the marching band too =) I was so proud, and it makes it even better cuz it was an away game, and they were being soo cocky and saying "were gonna beat you, bleh bleh bleh, and we won =)

hmm anyways, I was reading Scott's journal and I guess he watched a car accident and someone died =( that's really sad, specially since his mommy =*( ugh I miss him...

I'm kind of sick of every ones bullshit, telling me what I should do, what I should like, how I should act, and dress, I got my eyebrow pierced and everyone is telling me that I shouldn't have done it, but then all the people who I can relate to tell me it looks good, I'm so sick of all these fucking stereotypical bitches who have nothing better to do than to fucking make fun of and fucking hurt people who are different from them just because I'm different! UGH!


Talia's birthday party is tonight...that should be fun(sarcasm)
did I mention I miss Scott?
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