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Ape Drape's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ape Drape

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[23 Oct 2001|05:32pm]
I hate being treated like an object =(

[15 Oct 2001|09:21pm]
im reading what you wrote
and im shaking on this hard floor
my mind is in choke
could you of said anymore?
the words have punctured my soul
i don't know if i can handle what else is in store
your emotions have givin me a dead end
with no time for me to spend..

your chosing me over a necessity
i never thought i could be any lower
you've never questioned my sensitivity
but you've found it
could my crying go any slower?
it flows like a transisity
i've now grown colder

my words come out so numb
never affecting the life you live
im on the edge to succumb
your feelings i dunno if i'll forgive
im in such a sedated doldrum
my fight of contemplating is so passive
all i want is for your right state of mind to come
the feelings you gave are so adheasive

you say your everything you hate
why go any further?
you and me are seperated by your choices gate
why push any further?
asking is a little to late
why try any further?

[11 Oct 2001|07:49pm]
im not gonna eb online for a while, grades and everything, im sorry, ill miss you guys and ill be back soon, heh ill try to call some of you or whatever, love you guys bye
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[09 Oct 2001|03:59pm]
[ mood | lonely ]



=*( [06 Oct 2001|01:08pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I guess Scott lied to me about some things...

My mom called Scott's house cuz she saw his number on the phone bill, and she talked to his mom and his mom told him how old he is and everything like that.... I dunno what to say to him now, I feel kinda used and everything, I love him but I thought that he could tell me anything...he gets so pissed at me if he THINKS I'm lying and then he goes out and lies to me....or this is what I was told, I'm not assuming anything until I get a chance to talk to him......=*(


[29 Sep 2001|03:03pm]
[ mood | content ]

hmm...well today my mom had a baby shower for her co-worker, ugh, too many babies..I'm thinking twice about having kids, I mean, I don't wanna fucking carry around something for 9 months that's gonna turn out like me, that's horrific!

hmm, I miss Scott a lot, I haven't talked to him in a while...=(

I had a marching show last night and it totally kicked ass! we played the HIghland High foot ball team and they are like # one in the state and we beat them 23 to zero and we played better than the marching band too =) I was so proud, and it makes it even better cuz it was an away game, and they were being soo cocky and saying "were gonna beat you, bleh bleh bleh, and we won =)

hmm anyways, I was reading Scott's journal and I guess he watched a car accident and someone died =( that's really sad, specially since his mommy =*( ugh I miss him...

I'm kind of sick of every ones bullshit, telling me what I should do, what I should like, how I should act, and dress, I got my eyebrow pierced and everyone is telling me that I shouldn't have done it, but then all the people who I can relate to tell me it looks good, I'm so sick of all these fucking stereotypical bitches who have nothing better to do than to fucking make fun of and fucking hurt people who are different from them just because I'm different! UGH!


Talia's birthday party is tonight...that should be fun(sarcasm)
did I mention I miss Scott?

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william hehe [24 Sep 2001|06:41pm]
deadkennedy84: i have a cape!
deadkennedy84: lol
deadkennedy84: muahhhh
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: lol really!?
deadkennedy84: yues!
deadkennedy84: look at it!
deadkennedy84: lol
deadkennedy84: lmao!
deadkennedy84: IM DUCT TAPE WOMAN!
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: oh ya lol!!!!!!!!
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: lmfao!!!!
deadkennedy84: lol
deadkennedy84: hehe
deadkennedy84: *poses like a super man*
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: lol wow!!!!!!
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: haha
deadkennedy84: *flicks you and watches you fly*
deadkennedy84: *shoots herself and watches it bounce of her tapey sheild*
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: lol!
deadkennedy84: lol ok im done
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: *splats against the wall*
deadkennedy84: lol
deadkennedy84: *sinsg a duct tape song*
deadkennedy84: duct tape was the best thing ever made
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: lmfao!!!!!
deadkennedy84: and mullets
deadkennedy84: and
deadkennedy84: chapstick
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: lol wtf
deadkennedy84: chapstick and duct tape will fix anything!
deadkennedy84: gotta cut?
deadkennedy84: put chapstick on it and slap some duct tape on it
deadkennedy84: got a rip?
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: nope but i'm splatted
deadkennedy84: chapstick and duct tape!
deadkennedy84: see!
deadkennedy84: its wonderfull
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: lol!
SoLiDtHeMiGhTy: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
deadkennedy84: lol

=*( [24 Sep 2001|04:40pm]
She fears the monstrous evil lurking in the cold
abyss of his wicked, blood-shot eyes.
Decaying yellow teeth are hidden deep within
his soiled unshaven face.
The sickening stench of cheap beer and cigarettes
wafts off his tounge with every wheezing breath.
She is crippled one last time by the devilish voice
of rage echoing from the bottom of cancerous lungs.
Alcohol fuels the fists that swarm to her
like starving wolves upon some woundless prey,
before the first tear is born.
Marriage vows become but meaningless lies.
Still, the golden ring he wears, relentlessly impales
her sad broken figure.
The midnight darkness of this towering shadow
blankets the crimson puddle in which she lies, motionless.
Death before dreams can be created.
The end of a life tormented.

awww, I feel loved =) [22 Sep 2001|03:36pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

This Shout Out goes to one SARAH PRATHER. She asked a long time ago, and we never got to putting her up here. I guess it was because her great beauty and wonderful abs displaced any other thoughts in our minds. Sarah, you rule!


aww looky the guys put me on shout outs!! I feel special lol

ok hmm I had a marching show last night, we kicked ass it was really awesome watching us make hearts, ok when I got home I tried to call Scott but no one answered, I miss him and then I went over to Sonya's house to say bye to sally cuz she left this morning at 6:00 so a lot of us stayed the night at Sonya's and it was really weird
I saw gale cry, the only other time I asaw him cry was when David died, so me and gale went for a walk and we talked about some stuff and we went to he park and sat on the swings and talked and he started to cry really hard, I felt helpless, all I could do was give him a hug, I didn't know what to do, so that made me cry, so we just cried and cried and then when we got back sally was watching grease so me and gale went over and sat by sally and she did the little grease lightening dance and then we fell asleep it was really weird, I woke up with my head on gale and sally's legs were on my and her head was burried between my boobs and gales crotch lol it was kind of awkward, but I bet gale enjoyed it lol hmm so then sally left at 6:30 and we all cried again and we watched her car pull out of Sonya's' drive way and then I lost it and I started crying so hard and I walked around her neighborhood, and gale ran after me but I pushed him away, I wanted to be left alone, even though the fucker didn't leave me alone cuz he didn't "trust me"...ugh, I pushed him down and made him bleed....I'm sorry gale!..heh anyways I walked back to Sonya's house and I didn't want to talk to anyone so I grabbed my shit and I gave gale a ride home and then I went home and layed down and fell asleep and woke up at 3:00 I miss her already =( through everything, she was always there, everytime I get too close to someone, they always leave or turn on me, I guess this is another lesson for me to figure out...

I miss sally =*(


wow.... [16 Sep 2001|11:56am]
[ mood | impressed ]

I haven't posted ion a while, so this might be a lot....

wtf is happening man, people are killing other people just because of their race and religion, whatever happened to freedom or religion and speech and all that shit, why do so many people care so much about what other people are doing, they forget what they are all about in the first place, they too wrapped up in how they can hurt so many people cuz they are different, they are forgetting what is said in there religion about non violence and shit, its so fucking retarded, I wish that they would open their fucking eyes and realize they are killing their own people just so they can make the U.S. look vulnerable, do you know how psychotic that is? it only makes them looks jealous and stupid!
I'm kind of worried about all my friends on the upper east coast, its really scary knowing they are so close =/
I'm sick of all the shit on the news, nothing is on regularly, all I can say is there better be fucking Andy dick tonight or I'm gonna be pissed!!! specially cuz me and Scott watch it together on the phone lol =)
I miss Scott, I love him so much, I cant wait to see him, I've been thinking a lot about him, he's so perfect =)
I got an awesome new distillers shirt, its rad!
em, this is gonna be kind of sad....Scott Anderson mom called me yesterday with some awful news, he isn't doing very well and they say that his leg isn't getting enough oxygen somehow and they are going to have to amputate it, she asked me to tell him, I don't understand why she cant do some of these things herself, so what, he listens to me but I think he should hear it from his own family or doctor, not someone who is just a friend, it kind of upsets me, but I did it, and he said "I would loose my leg a thousand times if I could see you smile one last time" that made me cry, it's really sad, I don't think he has much longer, but for now, I'm gonna do all I can to make him comfortable...
we had my moms co workers over last night for dinner, there is an awesome chick!(nicki) she showed me pictures of when she was younger, she had a huge mohawk! and normally they look really gross on chicks but she looked sooo rad,a nd she showed me pictures of her and Glenn Danzig and her and Joey Ramone, omg shes my idol, she is so friggen awesome, it was kind of funny actually...
my mom is really proud of our house or something so she gives everyone a tour, and when she got to my room nicki saw all of my posters and all of my cds and she about had an orgasm, she likes subhumans and descendents and shit, omg, shes sooo rad!shes going to shows with me!!!! whoop!
well Scott's leaving things in his journal about some girl, but he isn't saying who it is, it kinda makes me think its not about me and he wants me to think it is and he is talking about some other girl lol, but I don't care, I hope there about me cuz its really sweet what hes saying,

ok I think I'm done blabbing now, ill post later or some shit...love ya!!!


bleh! [02 Sep 2001|11:01am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I'm kind of sick of all these girls telling Scott they love him and calling him babe or baby, I don't care that he has friends that are girls but it kinda pisses me off =/

my mom has really been being a bitch lately, I cant stand her any more, she thinks that just cuz she is such a perfect person I should be perfect too, it doesn't work that way =(

I went to a concert last night, it was so awesome, noggin toboggan is one of my new favorite bands =) Jeff, the lead singer is really awesome, he gave me a CD and they all signed it and he gave me a shirt, and then he pretended that it was my birthday so he pull me up on stage and they sang to me, and then he pushed me and I fell in front of everyone but that's ok, it was worth it, I got a black eye from the pit, =/ this one chick elbowed me in the eye so I turned around and knocked her out, I was really pissed off at her cuz she kept jumping on me and she was a fucking preppy little whore who had on a fucking blink 182 shirt and she was the kind of girl who got out of the pit to look in the mirror to make sure there wasn't a fucking hair out of place or her fucking make up was still there and all of it didn't fucking melt off, god I fucking hate people like her! but its ok, one of the bands kept stopping, (SLTL) and they kinda sucked, but its ok, I got a CD by them, cuz they had a few good songs, and then Sick of Change came on and they had this cool light show, it was awesome. I couldn't really see out of my right eye cuz it was elbowed, it wasn't pretty. and I fell in the pit and like 6 huge guys picked me up and I felt like I was flying, it was so rad!

Jacque and me haven't been doing a lot together lately, her boyfriend thinks that she should dedicate her life to him =/

Cassandra wants me to go to the zoo with her and her boyfriend, I don't fucking want to feel like the fucking 3rd wheel, it seems like she likes to make me feel unimportant so she feels good =(

any ways ill post more later or something...


I fucking hate ignorant people! [01 Sep 2001|11:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
do you care if I say gay

Mr. Bucket says:

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
fuck why

Mr. Bucket says:
I'm really for supporting gays and lesbians

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
but I'm not saying it is actually gay as in homosexual I'm saying its gay as in dumb

Mr. Bucket says:
so in saying gay as in dumb, that mean that homosexuals are dumb?

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
saying gay as in dumb means that something is dumb

Mr. Bucket says:
that's what it makes it seem like

Mr. Bucket says:
but then in saying something is gay and meaning dumb you are saying that's gay people are dumb

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
no I'm saying that something is dumb

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
if I say this is gay I mean this is dumb and it has nothin to do with gay people

Mr. Bucket says:
yes it does

Mr. Bucket says:
you just dont realize it

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:

Mr. Bucket says:
your too ignorant

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:

Mr. Bucket says:
dont talk to me you pissed me off

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
I was simply arguing a point

Mr. Bucket says:
your being fucking ignorant!

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:

Mr. Bucket says:
your fucking saying that when you say gay and mean dumb, that that doesn't mean that gay people are dumb..that's fucking stupid, open your eyes man!

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
they are open

Mr. Bucket says:
not to any point of being able to see what you are actually doing

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
you are just like all those other new punks who think they are all hardcore and oldschool and think they have to be fagdefenders

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
I have nothging against gays

Mr. Bucket says:
but that's the vibe you put off when you say something is gay and mean dumb, like your homophobic or something

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
I'm sure you don't

Mr. Bucket says:
I don't

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
its a trend that you are doing

Mr. Bucket says:

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
you are following other people

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
that's the new trend

Mr. Bucket says:

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
be an old school fag defender although old school punks were always like against fags

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
not that that right but if yer gonna dfo something do it right

Mr. Bucket says:
I'm not fucking oldschool, who even said I was a fucking punk? I'm not fucking labeled you ass, I don't label people and I'm not labeled, maybe other people label me but I don't label myself, so find out more about me before you open your mouth and say something totally off the subject you ignorant ass hole

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
yeah well your gay

Mr. Bucket says:
fuck off asshole

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:

Mr. Bucket says:
that's so not cool

One night, doesn't mean the rest of my life says:
its a word when will yee get that

Mr. Bucket says:
why are you being such an asshole? just cuz I don't agree with you "I'm just argueing a point" shit comes back to bite you in the ass so before you say something think about what you say cuz one of these days your gonna say something to the wrong person and your gonna get your ass kicked, I would have kicked your ass already, so watch it, asshole

ugh what a fucking loser!

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Alex is so fucking hilarious... [21 Aug 2001|05:23pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

deadkennedy84: you have a poopy diaper Alex
StrangeBroo42: change it?
deadkennedy84: I think you might need to get your Amish friend to do that
deadkennedy84: that's not my line of business
StrangeBroo42: but my Amish friend rapes me every time
deadkennedy84: I thought you liked that
StrangeBroo42: well I do but I like a little diversiy
StrangeBroo42: *diversity
deadkennedy84: have his Amish lover do it
StrangeBroo42: you'd like me to do that wouldn't you?
deadkennedy84: no, I was saying cuz of your benefit
StrangeBroo42: oh because I'm in need for a little lovin'?
deadkennedy84: you could say that
deadkennedy84: cuz your last lover had a beard, and she was a real petite thing
StrangeBroo42: well as usual I do
StrangeBroo42: you have a beard?
deadkennedy84: =-O
deadkennedy84: that was you?!?
StrangeBroo42: OH MY!
deadkennedy84: woo! yay for us!
deadkennedy84: *dramatic music*
StrangeBroo42: *winks at you sexy like*
deadkennedy84: haha
deadkennedy84: your so cute Alex
StrangeBroo42: nah you are
deadkennedy84: oops!, my Amish friend, I got some of my bagel and shmear on your shirt!
StrangeBroo42: pap shmear bagels?
deadkennedy84: I think so
StrangeBroo42: delicious
deadkennedy84: yeah!
deadkennedy84: I have tuna on my pap shmear
StrangeBroo42: a little too much cheese on the taco?
deadkennedy84: I think I have a little too much taco on the cheese
StrangeBroo42: wow
deadkennedy84: yeah I know
deadkennedy84: I'm as shicked as you are
deadkennedy84: shcoked*
deadkennedy84: SHOCKED*
StrangeBroo42: I'm speechless
deadkennedy84: I know
deadkennedy84: I don't know what to say either
StrangeBroo42: how about....hmmmmm...my vagina's acting up?
deadkennedy84: I mean, my jaw hit the floor
deadkennedy84: and I cant get it back up
deadkennedy84: really?
StrangeBroo42: yes
deadkennedy84: I have a vagina?
StrangeBroo42: you better not
deadkennedy84: I know
deadkennedy84: I would never talk to me again
StrangeBroo42: I know!
deadkennedy84: I would hate me
deadkennedy84: I would abhor me and I would never look at myself the same way again
StrangeBroo42: well I wouldn't go that far
deadkennedy84: I would
deadkennedy84: that's the most awful thing I could do to myself
StrangeBroo42: what having sex with yourself?
deadkennedy84: yeah!
StrangeBroo42: ummm I'll do it
deadkennedy84: know what we should do alx?
deadkennedy84: Alex
StrangeBroo42: what?
deadkennedy84: we should make a sign that says "our mom died and we don't have a home, please give us money for food" and we can dress up all raggedy and make some money!
StrangeBroo42: I'm already making money though
deadkennedy84: I know but for losers like me, that's a good idea
StrangeBroo42: but you're part of my money making so I could give you some of the profits
deadkennedy84: hmm that's true
deadkennedy84: I want 78.937 percent
StrangeBroo42: I mean everyone wants to get one of those videos of you in the shower
deadkennedy84: exactly!
deadkennedy84: and since I do all the work!
deadkennedy84: I should get paid
StrangeBroo42: but I'm the one taping you from the tree outside your bathroom window!
deadkennedy84: you can have the other part!
StrangeBroo42: what other part?
deadkennedy84: the 21.063% of the 6 cents we make!
StrangeBroo42: I want more!
deadkennedy84: but I'm the senior president of your wifes son-in-laws mothers uncles half cousin from Afghanistan! and I do all the work
deadkennedy84: NEVA!!!!!
deadkennedy84: fine....how bout
StrangeBroo42: yes?
deadkennedy84: I get 70% and you get 30?
StrangeBroo42: more!
deadkennedy84: I get 65 and you get 35?
StrangeBroo42: no you get 35
deadkennedy84: NO!
deadkennedy84: ass
deadkennedy84: how bout 50 50/
deadkennedy84: ?
StrangeBroo42: ooooooooooook fine
deadkennedy84: yay for 50 50!
StrangeBroo42:LOL! your the best Sarah


I heart chocolate.... [19 Aug 2001|04:59pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I went to go see gale's band yesterday, and it was like an hour drive, it was a long ways away! it was worth it though, it was awesome, its really cool watching gale sing and play his guitar cuz he gets so into it and he doesn't seem to realize all the people who are watching him freak out and scream into the microphone. he is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen play. he has this look on his face when he plays, its like he hates life and all he wants to do it smash the guitar upside some ones head and kill them. =(

my brother and Cassandra and some of my brothers friends went to that show. on the way home it was so hilarious,. I was laughing so hard I was crying, max was hanging out of the window when we were on freeway next to a big truck driver and he was doing the honk signal thing, and when the driver flipped him off max was all yelling shit like "PULL OVER ASSHOLE!" and "I KNOW YOU SEE ME!" lol it was soo funny! and then we stopped next to this girl and max asked her if she had any grey poupon and she was like "yea!" and he was like "REALLY! can I have some?" and she was all "NO!" and she swerved at my brothers truck and we had to swerve to miss her and then we like chased her down, it was so much fun lol

then when we got home I called Scott and we were on the phone for like 3 hours, that kid can talk lol sometimes he would talk so fast I couldn't really understand every word but I knew the hole concept of it lol. he's great. and august 26th is his birthday! woo!

I finally got to sleep in for the first time in like 857923475 days, but tomorrow I have to wake up at 5 and go to school again which totally sucks cow nuggets!

I talked to Geoff on the phone for a little bit today, he is really starting to scare me with his drugs and his drinking and his smoking, =(

any ways, I got a new quad! its so awesome, its a grizzly and it a stick shift instead of a foot shift and its automatic and it has a arm suspension *orgasms*

I think I might post more later...bye


your only born so you can die... [15 Aug 2001|11:30am]
[ mood | enraged ]

I fucking hate this fucking shit! I so fucking sick and tired of being treating like fucking shit, I hate this..god!! I cant fucking stop crying, I'm crying over anything anyone says that is even a little bit mean, I wanna fucking die, I was born to die, I don't know what to do. I hate the feeling of being rejected. I have been rejected all my fucking life and I'm sick and fucking tired of all this bullshit...everyone can go fucking rot in hell for all I care, no one has ever showed me the amount of respect that I think I deserve, everyone treats me like I'm a piece of fucking meat that they can just feed to the dogs, oh fucking well...FUCK YOU! fuck all of you! go fucking kill yourselves for all I fucking care, =*( I hate the feeling of not being loved, I hate it, or loving someone so much and you not being loved back, that is the worst feeling in the world, that's the one feeling that I would love to live without, but of course I cant, so I just keep on living with the feeling of regret and rejection, love is another word for regret.... I don't know why I fucking bother....

my brother has been beating me to shit a lot more than usual lately, I cant handle it anymore, I finally hit back, but I kinda used a baseball bat....so I am in so much shit for defending myself, I wana die...I was fucking born to die....


*burps* I'm bored [13 Aug 2001|03:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Full Name: Sarah Prather
Nicknames: em, people at my school call me bumble bee
AOL Names: deadkennedy84
Your sign: Pisces?
Birthday: march 18
Sex: girl
Where do you live:mesa
Describe yourself:icky
Straight/Gay/Bi: straight
Are You Short or Tall:tall
Parents Names:Pam and Greg
Siblings:one brother *growl*
Pets:cinimin, skooter, joeybean, ernie, and fish

Sport to watch:eesh
Color: hot pink
Subject: english
Clothes Brand:brand names....ICK!@#$
Shoe Brand: converse allstars
Type of music: punk?.
Radio Station: radio sucks
Ice Cream:double fudge chocalate brownie
Drink: mountain dew
Scary Movies:I dunno
TV Shows: I don't watch tv
Movies: girl, interrupted; and I dunno
Food: hot cheetos
Day(s):all the same
Holiday: Halloween
Number: 9453786537534976

Wuss: depends
Class Clown: yeah lol
Goodie 2 shoes: no

*Do You...
Have a crush: sure
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend:yessiry bob
Have thongs: ...yeah lol
Have any insecurities: yea
Have hatred for anyone: yes


Been kissed: yup
Been in love:ya
Had sex: rude!
Had phone sex:*cough*
Had cyber sex: no
Given oral sex:rude!
Received oral sex:em
Touched someone elses no no parts: lol
Kissed someone somewhere besides their mouth: sure
Ever wanted sex: uh huh
Wanted to have sex with more than one person: like at the same time?
Do you want to have sex right now: no, my tummy hurts

*Which one...
Paper or Plastic: plastic
Deaf or Blind:deaf
Truth or Dare: dare
Night or Day: night
Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin: Chocolate chip
MTV,VH1,BET,CMT: hissss
Beach or Pool: beach
Cake or Pie: uh, cake!
Boxers or Briefs:boxers
Cats or Dogs: both
Sex, Drugs, or Rock & Roll: ehh
Love or Lust: i dunno right now
Pancakes or French Toast: french toast
Bitter or Sweet: bittersweet
Silver or Gold: silver
Smoker or Non-Smoker: non smoker
Diamonds or Pearls: diamonds
Taco or Burrito: softshelltaco
Complex or Simple: too complex for me
Armageddon or Independence Day: independence day
Lefty or Righty: righty
Batman or Superman: batman
Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch: nacho cheese
Pencils or Pens: pens
Sunset or Sunrise: sunset
Sun or Moon: Moon..
Crushed or Cubed: crushed
Showers or Baths: bath
Ketchup or Mustard: ketchup

Do you like school: what kind of dumbass question is that?
Do you like to talk on the telephone: sometimes
Do you have your own line: no
Do you like to dance: yeah, i shake my bootay
Are you scared to knock someone out: not really
Have you ever gone skinny dipping: ....
Have you ever thought you were gonna die? yes...
Do you sleep with stuffed animals:my sheffield lol
Have you ever broken/fractured a bone: yes
Do you have any piercings:yeah
Are you a good listener: yeah
can you swim: yes
Do you sing in the shower: yea
Do you think cheerleading is a sport: not really
Do you have a tattoo: no
What color is your toothbrush: i have a scooby doo one
What was your worst injury ever: broke my arm
Do you believe in love at first sight: yes
Have you ever been in love: yes
What do you wear to bed: shirt and boxers
Whats the best feeling in the world: falling in front of 49857 people and blaming it on them
How many kids do you want to have: 1
What are you wearing now: ignit sweater, and blues clues boxers
Any last remark: my foot is asleep


golfland...WOO! [13 Aug 2001|01:47pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

Gale came over yesterday and he took me to golfland and we met up with Cassandra and she met her boyfriend there, he has nice teeth lol, and it was so much fun! we kinda got kicked out though cuz I kinda hit the ball too hard and it kinda bounced off the Chinese statue thingy and hit this guy in the head, and they brought the security and everything and they told us we had to leave so then we went to the go cart place and after like 30 minutes gale got us kicked out cuz he bumped into me too many times and I finally got pissed and I rammed him into the tire things lol and then he hit me back, but I one lol and then we had to pay our money and we got kicked out and I tried to go back and I got one lap around the course and they lit the sirens and made me get out, I cant go back for a year lol. and then we went threw the burger king drive threw and we asked for 4 waters and they must not have taken our order cuz they gave us the ladies order behind us, so we got free food, and she ordered a lot of food lol that was sooo awesome! and then we saw this Chinese guy with a mullet and I asked him if I could give him a hug, I got to hug him! =)=) that made my week!

I talked to Clint today for the first time in like 4 months, I missed the fucker, he has a djing gig that pays 700 bucks a week, lucky ass!

school starts on Thursday which really sucks, I don't wanna go back, I hate it more than anything! I get made fun of and picked on =( and I'm gonna be in a new school and that totally sucks butt!

well at least I get 3 days of doing nothing =/

I'm gonna go get a calling card so I can call people, bye bye


*cough* [12 Aug 2001|11:28am]
[ mood | mellow ]

I hate being sick, it sucks so much! I have a fever and I'm coughing a lot, and

I talked to Scott on the phone last night, and the night before, he talks a lot lol, but that's a good thing cuz if he didn't say anything nothing would get said. =P

and Geoff's' computer isn't working so poo poo!

I had to go to band camp all last week so I didn't really have anytime to myself I have either been with 120 people, with my family, or sleeping. and my brother came home yesterday and he already started yelling at me. I accidentally an into him cuz he opened the door right when I was walking by and I fell an he kicked me and yelled at me for not watching were I was going, he's such an ass hole!...grrr

I'm really hungry, I haven't eaten in a while, we have no food....I want some cereal!

hmm well I guess I'll post more later


my mom made me a margarita... [04 Aug 2001|07:13pm]
[ mood | i have a headache ]

my mom took me shopping today, we were in shirts and things and I took a pair of pink plaid pants off the rack and she went ape on me and she was like "I'm sick and fucking tired of you and your stupid plaid shit with shit hanging off of them and your black shirts with holes in them and fishnet shit and old school shoes I wanted to have a girl Sarah, me and your dad BOTH wanted to have a girl...not a girl who dresses like a freakish boy!"... I looked at her and yelled "you always fucking tell me to be myself and not to let anyone change the way I am or I want to be and now just cuz dad doesn't want me wearing anything but pink froo froo shit you take his side and you want me to fucking change the way I am, fuck you stupid ass cum bubble" heh, I don't think ill be getting my license back anytime soon!...ugh I fucking hate her right now!...god! fucking whore! but she got my my army boots so shes cool...and she bought me a really cool belt with stars on it and shit...fuck man! so I think that that was her way of saying sorry or something, and she bought me the pants heh...I'm never going shopping in a store with her ever again!...grrr

ugh I'm such a turd farmer..

I talked to Scott on the phone last night for like 4 hours I think, somewhere around there. we hardly talk anymore, it really sucks

gale is playing on the 18th...really cool, and he might be playing at my house on Halloween, it'll be awesome...I could like, charge people to come and make money, and not tell my mom about it..wooo!!!

well yeah, Scott is off playing a gig that he doesn't wanna play, he always complains about not wanting to play, but I think he'd regret it if he quits, and then today he said "ill do it for mike and James".....odd little goober...=P

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[04 Aug 2001|12:53pm]
I heart Scott

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