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I heart chocolate....

I went to go see gale's band yesterday, and it was like an hour drive, it was a long ways away! it was worth it though, it was awesome, its really cool watching gale sing and play his guitar cuz he gets so into it and he doesn't seem to realize all the people who are watching him freak out and scream into the microphone. he is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen play. he has this look on his face when he plays, its like he hates life and all he wants to do it smash the guitar upside some ones head and kill them. =(

my brother and Cassandra and some of my brothers friends went to that show. on the way home it was so hilarious,. I was laughing so hard I was crying, max was hanging out of the window when we were on freeway next to a big truck driver and he was doing the honk signal thing, and when the driver flipped him off max was all yelling shit like "PULL OVER ASSHOLE!" and "I KNOW YOU SEE ME!" lol it was soo funny! and then we stopped next to this girl and max asked her if she had any grey poupon and she was like "yea!" and he was like "REALLY! can I have some?" and she was all "NO!" and she swerved at my brothers truck and we had to swerve to miss her and then we like chased her down, it was so much fun lol

then when we got home I called Scott and we were on the phone for like 3 hours, that kid can talk lol sometimes he would talk so fast I couldn't really understand every word but I knew the hole concept of it lol. he's great. and august 26th is his birthday! woo!

I finally got to sleep in for the first time in like 857923475 days, but tomorrow I have to wake up at 5 and go to school again which totally sucks cow nuggets!

I talked to Geoff on the phone for a little bit today, he is really starting to scare me with his drugs and his drinking and his smoking, =(

any ways, I got a new quad! its so awesome, its a grizzly and it a stick shift instead of a foot shift and its automatic and it has a arm suspension *orgasms*

I think I might post more later...bye
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