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Alex is so fucking hilarious...

deadkennedy84: you have a poopy diaper Alex
StrangeBroo42: change it?
deadkennedy84: I think you might need to get your Amish friend to do that
deadkennedy84: that's not my line of business
StrangeBroo42: but my Amish friend rapes me every time
deadkennedy84: I thought you liked that
StrangeBroo42: well I do but I like a little diversiy
StrangeBroo42: *diversity
deadkennedy84: have his Amish lover do it
StrangeBroo42: you'd like me to do that wouldn't you?
deadkennedy84: no, I was saying cuz of your benefit
StrangeBroo42: oh because I'm in need for a little lovin'?
deadkennedy84: you could say that
deadkennedy84: cuz your last lover had a beard, and she was a real petite thing
StrangeBroo42: well as usual I do
StrangeBroo42: you have a beard?
deadkennedy84: =-O
deadkennedy84: that was you?!?
StrangeBroo42: OH MY!
deadkennedy84: woo! yay for us!
deadkennedy84: *dramatic music*
StrangeBroo42: *winks at you sexy like*
deadkennedy84: haha
deadkennedy84: your so cute Alex
StrangeBroo42: nah you are
deadkennedy84: oops!, my Amish friend, I got some of my bagel and shmear on your shirt!
StrangeBroo42: pap shmear bagels?
deadkennedy84: I think so
StrangeBroo42: delicious
deadkennedy84: yeah!
deadkennedy84: I have tuna on my pap shmear
StrangeBroo42: a little too much cheese on the taco?
deadkennedy84: I think I have a little too much taco on the cheese
StrangeBroo42: wow
deadkennedy84: yeah I know
deadkennedy84: I'm as shicked as you are
deadkennedy84: shcoked*
deadkennedy84: SHOCKED*
StrangeBroo42: I'm speechless
deadkennedy84: I know
deadkennedy84: I don't know what to say either
StrangeBroo42: how about....hmmmmm...my vagina's acting up?
deadkennedy84: I mean, my jaw hit the floor
deadkennedy84: and I cant get it back up
deadkennedy84: really?
StrangeBroo42: yes
deadkennedy84: I have a vagina?
StrangeBroo42: you better not
deadkennedy84: I know
deadkennedy84: I would never talk to me again
StrangeBroo42: I know!
deadkennedy84: I would hate me
deadkennedy84: I would abhor me and I would never look at myself the same way again
StrangeBroo42: well I wouldn't go that far
deadkennedy84: I would
deadkennedy84: that's the most awful thing I could do to myself
StrangeBroo42: what having sex with yourself?
deadkennedy84: yeah!
StrangeBroo42: ummm I'll do it
deadkennedy84: know what we should do alx?
deadkennedy84: Alex
StrangeBroo42: what?
deadkennedy84: we should make a sign that says "our mom died and we don't have a home, please give us money for food" and we can dress up all raggedy and make some money!
StrangeBroo42: I'm already making money though
deadkennedy84: I know but for losers like me, that's a good idea
StrangeBroo42: but you're part of my money making so I could give you some of the profits
deadkennedy84: hmm that's true
deadkennedy84: I want 78.937 percent
StrangeBroo42: I mean everyone wants to get one of those videos of you in the shower
deadkennedy84: exactly!
deadkennedy84: and since I do all the work!
deadkennedy84: I should get paid
StrangeBroo42: but I'm the one taping you from the tree outside your bathroom window!
deadkennedy84: you can have the other part!
StrangeBroo42: what other part?
deadkennedy84: the 21.063% of the 6 cents we make!
StrangeBroo42: I want more!
deadkennedy84: but I'm the senior president of your wifes son-in-laws mothers uncles half cousin from Afghanistan! and I do all the work
deadkennedy84: NEVA!!!!!
deadkennedy84: fine....how bout
StrangeBroo42: yes?
deadkennedy84: I get 70% and you get 30?
StrangeBroo42: more!
deadkennedy84: I get 65 and you get 35?
StrangeBroo42: no you get 35
deadkennedy84: NO!
deadkennedy84: ass
deadkennedy84: how bout 50 50/
deadkennedy84: ?
StrangeBroo42: ooooooooooook fine
deadkennedy84: yay for 50 50!
StrangeBroo42:LOL! your the best Sarah
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